Bonjour! I recently tagged along on a trip to Europe with Che and some friends. First stop was Paris! I had been to Paris once before however it was for one night and I was working so I didn’t get to see much at all so I was so excited to be going back. After […]


The last stop on the Tokyo food tour was at Den located in Jimbocho. The experience was so entertaining with each dish showing chef Zaiyu Hasegawa’s playful and imaginative side. Again here at Den, Chef Hasegawa only uses the freshest of ingredients so the menu is never quite the same as it depends on whats available on […]


Dining at Chef Hachiro Mizutani‘s 3 Michelin star Sushi restaurant for lunch in Ginza was one of the most amazing yet terrifying experiences of my food eating life. The experience was amazing because each piece of sushi seemed like a work of art, so gently and precisely made.  Chef Mizutani would make each sushi himself, […]