If you recall, last year I won a competition to go on a Tokyo Food Tour with Nick D. My prize also included a day trip to have a tour of the Ozeki Sake Brewery in Nishinomiya which is located just outside of Kyoto. We got to see the process it takes to make sake from start to finish, so amazing!

Nick and Toby filmed the whole tour and have just released this lil video above of our experience. Also, here’s some photos I took which shows the different stages of producing sake. We ended the day at the Ozeki cafe where we got to try sake cakes and ice-cream! Thank you so much to our lovely hosts at Ozeki, kanpai!

Ozeki symbol Ozeki Ozeki Sake History Sparkling Sake

sparkling sake 2

Ozeki’s newest products: Jelly sake and a sparkling sake.

Sake is ready

This dark ball of straw means that the sake is ready.


My tour outfit #fashion

rice rows

Rice all ready to be made into sake.

rice steamer

The first stage involves steaming the rice in this machine.

rice machine rice


Crazy 80s looking machine monitoring the temperature and other stuff while rice is being prepared.

Looking at Data

“Ah yes, SAKE!”

Handmade sake

We were allowed into a secret chamber…..

Handmade sake part 2

A special sake was being made in this chamber. The whole room was very warm and humid.

Sake barrels

Rice being brewed into sake in these massive barrels.

Sake gas

This is what it looks like inside the barrels. Rice is bubbling.

Stirring gas out of the sake

Sake out of the vat

Voila! Sake straight out of the vat.


Ozeki Crew! L – R: Toby (Camera guy), Nick D (Tour Guide), Odahara (Ozeki Sake Master), Che & Me

Sake ice cream

Sake ice-cream

Sake Cake

Sake cakes

Green tea

Finished the day with a green tea.


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