Paris 1Bonjour!

I recently tagged along on a trip to Europe with Che and some friends. First stop was Paris! I had been to Paris once before however it was for one night and I was working so I didn’t get to see much at all so I was so excited to be going back.

After 30 hours of travel which included the traditional stopover meal at Popeyes chicken in Hong Kong airport we finally arrived in Paris. We checked into our cute airbnb accomodation in Bastille then headed out for breakfast at a local boulangerie. You can’t go wrong with picking up fresh pastries and a baguette with cheese, delicious. I spent 3 days in Paris which doesn’t seem like a lot of time but I managed to see a few tourist spots, indulge in delicious French fare and just enjoy the city.  Here’s a few pics of my time there….

paris airbnb

Courtyard of our Airbnb accomodation and breakfast.

Paris 2

The Arc de Triomphe

Paris 6

Screen shot 2014-06-24 at 8.54.42 PM

lovelock bridge

Love Lock Bridge

Notre dame

View of La Seine and Notre-Dame Cathedral.

ND 3Checked out the gorgeous Laduree boutique for tea and pastries. There were so many treats to choose from, the menu was huge! I decided on a slice of mille-feuille fraise and an iced tea. While Che went for a savoury option and had the Omelette Concorde then finished with a Religieuse à la Rose (a cream puff pastry with rose petal custard cream and raspberries).


Laduree 3

laduree 2


More amazing goodies from Pierre Herme courtesy of Lani.



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