Bread and Butter LetterHow did it become December already?! This year has gone by so quickly for me and now Christmas is round the corner! I haven’t done any of my Christmas shopping yet so I’ve been having a look at some of my favorite NZ online stores for ideas. I hate going to malls at this time of year, its all too stressful fighting for parks and dealing with crowds so I buy all my presents online.

Check out my top picks below:

Screen shot 2013-12-05 at 5.40.09 PM1. Cats Wall Stickers from Good Regards NZD$39.90 2. Merry Christmas Flag from Bread and Butter Letter NZD$24 3. Apple Stripe Cushion from Teapea NZD$120 4. Fox Picnic Blanket from Teapea NZD$109 5. Boat in a Bottle from Teapea NZD$14 6. Love Heart and Black Chevron Milk Bottles from Good Regards NZD$2.90 7.Crochet Retro Phone Toy from Teapea NZD$68 8. Holga Camera from Wocolate NZD$95 9. Lightning Bolt Tea Towels from Good Regards NZD$22 10. Tree Pattern Cushion from Good Regards NZD$39.90 11. Get Shit Done Journal from Bread and Butter Letter NZD$7.99 12. Toadstool Lamp from Teapea NZD$190 13. Forest Friends Paper Toys from Wocolate NZD$19

Happy Shopping and MERRY CHRISTMAS Y’ALL!!

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