I’m a sucker for anything called a ‘Fair’, if I stumble across one I always have to go and have a nosy! Fairs bring a sense of nostalgia as I have great memories of attending my old primary school annual fair growing up. There would always be yummy home-baked cakes and second hand bargains to be found. Local art and craft fairs are becoming quite popular and one of my favourites is the Auckland Art & Craft Fair. The fair is on tomorrow (Saturday 30th November) from 11am till 3pm at the Aotea Centre in Auckland.  Its perfect timing to source crafty Christmas presents!

Here’s a little peek at some of my favourite artists that attend:

1. Pietje’s Cupboard

Photo by Pietje's Cupboard

Image by Pietje’s Cupboard.

Pietje’s Cupboard (pronounced like peaches) is all about creating miniature worlds in a jar. They are filled with little woodland creatures and make for great gifts or add some cuteness to your home.

2. Adventures of Alex and Co

Cute hot water bottle covers from Adventures of Alex and Co.

Cute hot water bottle covers that I bought from Adventures of Alex and Co.

I couldn’t resist these cute hot water bottles from Adventures of Alex and Co. The range consists of cute pixie dolls, laptop covers, pillows as well as hot water bottle covers and are made from recycled blankets plus new and vintage materials.

3. Pufftique

Image from Pufftique.

Image from Pufftique.

Pufftique is super kawaii! These handcrafts are inspired by Japanese pop culture and everything that you would find in a magical candyland. I wanted to eat everything at this stall but I couldn’t cos its all made of felt!

4. Bonjour Sweetie

Image from Bonjour Sweetie.

Image from Bonjour Sweetie.

I’m obsessed with anything miniature, so I instantly fell in love with Bonjour Sweeties mini diorama boxes with my favourite being the mini crime scene, so much attention to detail (in a creepy kind of way lol).  She also makes mini diorama necklaces which are available on Etsy.

5. Odd One Out

I couldn't resist the "I love you" plate ♥

I personally own a version of the “I love you” plate ♥

I first discovered Odd One Out at the Devonport Craft Fair. I instantly fell in love with the vintage plates with cute hand painted drawings and messages. I also couldn’t resist getting one of the framed vintage animals to hang in my home.

So, go get your Christmas presents sorted and check out the Auckland Art and Craft Fair tomorrow!

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