gogo yubari

Gogo Yubari and the Crazy 88 / Image by Leilani

My favourite time of year is coming up – HALLOWEEN!!

My mates know that I don’t need much coaxing to join in on dress-up days in the office or to attend a dress up party.  I love getting creative and putting my costume together. For Halloween last year, I dressed up as Gogo Yubari from Kill Bill.  Che is in the background also in theme, dressed up as one of the Crazy 88 gang.  The costume was quite simple to put together, for the outfit I just found what I had in my wardrobe already and then made the spiked chain weapon with a spray-painted styrofoam ball which I got at Spotlight and the chain was from Bunnings.  A bunch of us got dressed up and then headed to Spookers on the night of Halloween, fun times!  This year I’m going to be in Tokyo for Halloween so need to suss out a plan for over there, maybe I’ll check out Disneyland for their Halloween special!

Anyways, I thought I’d put together this lil post to give you some ideas on costumes, some scary and some just quirky:

the craft

The Craft: Idea as a group dress up. Chokers, maroon lipstick and knee high socks – HOT!

miss argentina

Miss Argentina, receptionist in Beetlejuice: Could be tricky but would make such a cool costume!

the shining

Girls from The Shining: Perfect if you’re a twin!


Breaking Bad: Should be able to get all you need from your local hardware store.


Sharknado: Here’s a YouTube clip to help you become a Sharknado!


Wacky Wavy Tubeman: From what I’ve googled most people have used adjustable wire laundry hampers, fabric to cover and then felt for the eyes.

drake nwts

Drake: You just need to print out an A3 size print of a sky and stick it on your shoulder, ta-dah now you can be Drake too!


Lorde: I think Lorde will be quite a popular option this Halloween.

Happy Halloween! xx


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