stay home club

I randomly found the Stay Home Club just wandering round on the world wide web. The site was put together by Olivia Mew, an illustrator based in Montreal, Canada.  The brand offers a range of cute illustrated prints on tees, totes and stuff for home like pillow cases as well as wrapping paper & greeting cards. Designs are created by Olivia as well as contributing artists.

I couldn’t resist purchasing this No New Friends tee, a tribute to DJ Khaled’s ‘No New Friends’ featuring Drake, Lil Wayne and Rick Ross. I got it in greymarle but it’s also available in black.

no new friends
Here’s my other top pics from the site:

PS: While we’re (vaguely) on the topic of Drake, I’m completely obsessed with the phenomenon that is #StarbucksDrakeHands!

You’re probably thinking what does Drake have to do with Starbucks.  Well the story goes like this: A girl was approached by a guy who fancied her at Starbucks, he asks for her phone number, she gives it to him and then receives a video from him. The video consists of him staring into the camera and touching his face while Drake’s “Hold on, we’re going home” is playing in the background. Here is his video, its bizarre and hilarious. Check out the hash tag on instagram for lols.

Of course I had to do my own version, I did this with Lani when the song come on at a wedding we were at in the weekend:

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#starbucksdrakehands with @lanisays

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