mooncake 2

I was lucky enough to be sent some Mooncakes all the way from Singapore by one of my aunties. Mooncakes are traditionally given to friends and family during the Moon Festival (also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival) which is today! They’re not your typical type of cake as Mooncakes are quite dense in structure and usually made from red bean or lotus seed paste.

I’m not too sure of what the festival involves exactly but according to a quick google search it’s about moon worship and gazing.  You should be able to purchase Mooncakes from your local asian supermarket, here in Auckland you can try Lim Chhour, Silverbell or Tofu Shop.

These Mooncakes are by Casahana in Malaysia, they arrived in the most beautiful packaging, see pics below.



mooncake 6

mooncake 5

Jade custard flavoured mooncake.


Rose flavoured mooncake.

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