New Zealand Fashion Week 2013


So I’m all registered for New Zealand Fashion Week 2013!  I’m so excited to be attending as it will be my first time officially going for the whole week!

While most who are attending are figuring out their daily outfits I’m more concerned with what I’m going to eat every day lol. I’m expecting to be rather busy zipping between shows as well as trying to post up pics on here so it can be quite easy to fall into the trap of buying food (probably junk food) on the go. So to make sure, for the most part, that I’m eating well I’ve planned some snacks to bring along with me.

I thought I’d share these snacks with you as these are what I usually have during the day at work.  Great for keeping energy levels up through out the day!


L to R: “Heart Smart” fruit and nut mix from Pak n’ Save bulk bin, Lemon Coconut Slice (recipe from Julia and Libby), carrot sticks with homemade sundried tomato hummus made by Che.

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