Homemade Hummus, Pita Crisps and Kale Crisps


I’ve recently started a new fitness challenge with some friends.  We have each set a goal weight and body fat % and every 2 weeks we get weighed/measured.  If we don’t come down at all then we have to do 100 burpees before our training, brutal. To add extra pressure we are in pairs (I’m with the bf), so if one of us fails then we both have to do burpees!

The bf has been going hard making all sorts of healthy, delicious snacks from scratch to help us reach our goals cos what you eat plays a huge part in getting there! We were feeling tired yesterday from a late night and were wanting to pig out but with weigh in today we didn’t want to eat badly. So, first up he made homemade hummus with pita crisps. For the hummus you just chuck in the food processor: 400g of chickpeas, 1 garlic clove, 1T of Tahini, 1 stick of celery, 4T olive oil lastly juice and zest of one lemon – easy!



For the pita crisps, the bf did two versions: one with smoked paprika and the other with parmesan and oregano. Drizzle with grapeseed oil (or you can use olive oil) and bake for 14 minutes at 175°C.


Lastly, he made kale crisps – omg these were so good they didn’t last long at all! All you need to do is tear up some kale leaves into bite-sized pieces, sprinkle with grapeseed oil/olive oil and salt then toss. Bake at 175°C for 10 minutes until crisp!


Better living everyone!

Shirl xx

5 thoughts on “Homemade Hummus, Pita Crisps and Kale Crisps

  1. Looks so gooood! Going to try making some using dried chick peas, see if it tastes any different. The kale crisps sound so easy, will source the veg and make that one too!

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