Ice Skating at Aotea Square

On Saturday night I went along with the crew to check out the ice-skating rink that’s been set up in Aotea SquareI was sooooo excited when I heard about it as I was always so jealous that Queenstown had one every year. I hadn’t been skating since my school days, about 15yrs ago, so I was slightly nervous about how I would manage. To my surprise I only skated once round while holding on to the rail but after that was fine balancing on my own, so much fun!

Best to go at night when the pretty fairy lights are lit up. I’ll definitely be going again but maybe try a week day session as it was quite busy on the Saturday. 90minutes of skating costs $20 for adults, $15 for children and they have family passes too. There’s also a merry-go-round, laughing clowns and a scary as boat ride that I didn’t go on lol.

It’s great to see activities like this in the city, go check it out!

Che showing YOLO codes.

Dave, Che and I skating, yay!

Special thanks to Ron for getting us all organised to go, also thanks to Lani and Keshani for the photos ^_^

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