Sydney & Prince

The BF and I popped over to Sydney last Friday (at the crack of dawn) to go to the Prince concert. Needless to say, the show was amazing! He performed for 2.5 hours, dancing around in high heels on a 360 degree stage. This 53yr old man still can rock a whole stadium! He covered most of his classics however I was gutted that he didn’t do “I Wanna Be Your Lover” and was secretly hoping he would pull out “Party Man” (a girl can dream!). So many highlights but the biggest one for me was when he dropped “When Doves Cry”, so amazing seeing that live.

We spent the whole weekend in Sydney catching up with friends and trying to eat our way through the city. Whenever I go overseas I always immediately think of all the places I can eat, planning where to eat and how much eating I can fit in to a trip lol. Here are some pics of what/where we ate:

First up, my friend Aileen’s cafe that she owns with her sisters. It’s called Vella Nero and they make the best coffee!

Roast beef sandwich with caramalised onions and horse radish sauce, so good.

If you go definitely try one of Aileen’s chocolate espresso cupcakes!

Ate a selection of cheese and the most amazing thing ever….GARLIC JAM! These were from Fourth Village Providore.

Went to Mamak for dinner, thanks to Lani Says for the tip, this place is soooo good. They serve delicious traditional Malay food, they even make their own roti in the shop window!

Definitely try the lamb curry, any of the roti dishes and the rojak salad, wash it down with an iced milo or teh tarik and you’ll be sweet!

Of course I ate more than this but I forgot to get photos cos I was too busy eating. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to go to all the places I wanted to which means I need to get back there!  Special thanks to my friends Emma and Greg for letting me stay over the weekend ^_^

If you’ve got any tips on where to eat in Sydney let me know for next time!

Have a good weekend xx

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