Splore 2012

Slight delay on this post as the whirlwind that was #MeetingMayer took precedence last week. Splore was, in a word,  awesome! It’s a music festival where you are always guaranteed good vibes and fun times. Lots of good music on offer of which you can listen to while lazing on the beach and having a swim – brilliant! Despite the traffic jam on the Friday night to get in, I managed to see a bit of Erykah Badu and then witnessed Soul II Soul. I never thought that I would ever get the opportunity to see Back To Life live but I did and it was amazing!

Other highlights were DJ Qbert, swimming while watching Shortee Blitz, running to see The Cuban Brothers as they covered Lionel Richie’s All Night Long, eating smoked Marlin, hitchin a ride with my mate Simon up the hill (I needed that!), hanging out in trees, art installations, making friends while sheltering from the rain under the cover of the crepe trailer then eating crepes while waiting for the rain to stop lol.

Such fun times, can’t wait to do it all again next year! YOLO! xx

One of many art installations.

Caron Wheeler from Soul II Soul

Circus action in the Linz Living Lounge.

Chillin out in a tree.

PS: Check out this video to see what my mate Simon from Lotech Media worked on at Splore, isn’t he clever!

Topographical Delineation – Splore Festival mapping projection from The Dub Module on Vimeo.

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