The Best Valentines Present EVER ♥

The BF and I have been celebrating Valentines early this year, we went to The French Cafe on the weekend (pics coming soon) and I received my present on the eve of Valentines. It was waiting for me wrapped up on the bed, cute! When I opened it I started crying cos it was THE BEST present EVER! Before my eyes was the 10 year Anniversary Boxset from DJ Neil Armstrong, one of my all time favourite DJ’s! AND it was signed by the man himself!!! 

If you’re wondering who I’m talking about you may know him as Jay-Z’s tour DJ in 2008/2009. Che was the first one to introduce me to Neil when he got me his Warmfuzzy mixtape for Valentines in 2005, from then on I was hooked and have nearly all his mixtapes.

The boxset comes with his Original mixtape on cassette as this is what it originally had come out on, yes an actual mixtape! Plus there’s a USB card which has 4 mixtapes Original, 2 Original, Non-Stop and Original – All Out King. I highly recommend you give his mixtapes a listen, everyone I’ve introduced him to has become an instant fan!

Thanks Che for the best present ever!

Signed by DJ Neil Armstrong, when I saw this message it was the point at which I started crying lol #FanGirl

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