Year of the Dragon

It’s a tradition for the BF and I to attend the Lantern Festival, I look forward to it with such delight every year! Highlights this year were the Japanese custard pancakes, Turnip lantern (see pic below), Chinese reggae band Long Shen Dao and the open air karaoke – shout outs to the dude who sung Smooth by Rob Thomas whilst performing Muay Thai moves LOL and the 8yr old boy singing Just the way you are by Bruno Mars, super cute!

On the final night they had the fireworks which were amazing! Overall, such fun times and lots of laughs with friends while walking around enjoying the atmosphere.

Here’s some pics from the festival!


The Land Before Time.

All the way tur-nip! #Swag

mmmm Japanese Pancakes filled with custard!

Rocket fireworks!

These exploded into a heart shape ♥

Did you go along? What were your favourite lanterns?

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