coney island

Coney Island by day, kinda creepy….

Coney Island is a bizarre and eerie place. Perhaps it was the time of year as fall was approaching in NYC. It probably didn’t help that it was raining on the day that we decided to go check it out, also that the rides and most of the food places along the boardwalk were closed hence why there was no one around.

But hey! That didn’t stop us from going back haha, this time at night. There was still the same eerie vibe but at least the rides were open. Che, Lani and I went on the Cyclone wooden rollercoaster. I’m a chicken when it comes to thrill rides and from the outside it looked tame but boy was I wrong! After 12 pretty steep dips I had tears in my eyes but I was laughing at the end of it so wasn’t all that bad lol, check out our pic below:

Coney Island station and Cyclone wooden rollercoaster

Che having the time of his life, Lani (sitting in the front) and I shitting ourselves.

Overall, Coney Island is definitely worth a visit but on a nice summers day.


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