If you recall, last year I won a competition to go on a Tokyo Food Tour with Nick D. My prize also included a day trip to have a tour of the Ozeki Sake Brewery in Nishinomiya which is located just outside of Kyoto. We got to see the process it takes to make sake from start to finish, so amazing!

Nick and Toby filmed the whole tour and have just released this lil video above of our experience. Also, here’s some photos I took which shows the different stages of producing sake. We ended the day at the Ozeki cafe where we got to try sake cakes and ice-cream! Thank you so much to our lovely hosts at Ozeki, kanpai!



Paris 1Bonjour!

I recently tagged along on a trip to Europe with Che and some friends. First stop was Paris! I had been to Paris once before however it was for one night and I was working so I didn’t get to see much at all so I was so excited to be going back.

After 30 hours of travel which included the traditional stopover meal at Popeyes chicken in Hong Kong airport we finally arrived in Paris. We checked into our cute airbnb accomodation in Bastille then headed out for breakfast at a local boulangerie. You can’t go wrong with picking up fresh pastries and a baguette with cheese, delicious. I spent 3 days in Paris which doesn’t seem like a lot of time but I managed to see a few tourist spots, indulge in delicious French fare and just enjoy the city.  Here’s a few pics of my time there….

paris airbnb

Courtyard of our Airbnb accomodation and breakfast.



yonanas 3For Christmas, Che and I were gifted a Yonanas machine. If you’re not sure what I’m on about, a Yonana is a fruit ice-cream maker that turns frozen fruit into a creamy dessert. Its a great alternative to ice-cream for anyone who is trying to be more health conscious, also great for vegans as well as anyone who is dairy free or lactose intolerant. This has been perfect for making use of any fruit thats been getting a bit too ripe in the fruit bowl.

The machine isn’t too big so it won’t take up a lot of room on the kitchen bench. Also, its really easy to clean. Check out a vid of how it works here.

Below are some recipes that Che and I use on the reg but you can totally experiment with whatever fruit you happen to have.  For a more creamy taste use frozen bananas as a base and then add any fruit that you like. Otherwise if you’re after more of a sorbet texture then go with pineapple as a base fruit.



mixtape 4I love the idea of giving and receiving mixtapes as gifts! It’s a cool way to personalise a gift by giving your loved one songs to relive a particular moment or a mix of a whole lot of in-jokes lol. I found this modern day version of a mixtape from a blog called Scout by local blogger Britney Hazeldine. I thought it was a clever idea to combine the digital version of a mixtape with a traditional cassette tape so I decided to make my own mix to give Che for Valentines.

What you will need:

  • A cassette tape (check out your local op shops or TradeMe)
  • Screwdriver to pull the cassette apart
  • Knife/Scissors/Sander to cut the USB shape
  • USB key that will fit into the cassette



silo cinema 2

One of my favourite places in Auckland is down at Wynyard Quarter at the Viaduct. Its lovely to go for a walk and take in the views of the sea and harbour bridge or checking out the markets on the weekend. The best part is that during summer you can watch movies for free at Silo Park, they are projected onto the side of one the silos to create an open-air cinema.

Unfortunately I was too busy during December and missed the movies that were on then but tonight the cinema is back for 2014! Tonight they will be showing one of my favourite Hayao Miyazaki films, Spirited Away. I am sooooo looking forward to it! The rest of January is as follows:

Friday 17th January The Human Scale
Friday 24th January The Lion King
Friday 31st January The Graduate

My tips:




Hooray its my first post of 2014! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Years!

I spent Christmas in Taranaki on Che’s family farm in Tataraimaka which is about a 20 minute drive out of New Plymouth. We got to do lots of fun stuff like land yachting, playing tennis, swimming and lounging in the spa. There was a mean as flying fox on the farm however on my first attempt I had a bit of a ‘Minties Moment’, Che put this vid together to capture it all lol.

For New Years eve I headed to Rhythm & Vines in Gisborne with friends. Lots of fun was had with plenty of in-jokes made, check out Lani Says for pics of our night.




The last stop on the Tokyo food tour was at Den located in Jimbocho. The experience was so entertaining with each dish showing chef Zaiyu Hasegawa’s playful and imaginative side. Again here at Den, Chef Hasegawa only uses the freshest of ingredients so the menu is never quite the same as it depends on whats available on the day.

Upon arrival we were seated at the counter which seats 8 people. There are also 2 other tables and a private room available upon request. I thought the counter was the best way to dine at Den as we got to interact with the chef as well as with his kitchen staff plus I just love seeing how each meal is prepared.



Bread and Butter LetterHow did it become December already?! This year has gone by so quickly for me and now Christmas is round the corner! I haven’t done any of my Christmas shopping yet so I’ve been having a look at some of my favorite NZ online stores for ideas. I hate going to malls at this time of year, its all too stressful fighting for parks and dealing with crowds so I buy all my presents online.

Check out my top picks below:




I’m a sucker for anything called a ‘Fair’, if I stumble across one I always have to go and have a nosy! Fairs bring a sense of nostalgia as I have great memories of attending my old primary school annual fair growing up. There would always be yummy home-baked cakes and second hand bargains to be found. Local art and craft fairs are becoming quite popular and one of my favourites is the Auckland Art & Craft Fair. The fair is on tomorrow (Saturday 30th November) from 11am till 3pm at the Aotea Centre in Auckland.  Its perfect timing to source crafty Christmas presents!

Here’s a little peek at some of my favourite artists that attend: